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[ The real meaning of Education is the all round development of a child (Viz. Physical, mental and spiritual). This will enhance a person to stand out as a person who will be able to give true leadership to the future generation. ]

The word Education stands out in a unique way as per our Preceptor Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar:

E - Enlarge of mind The mind is an important entity without which a human won't stand out. In order to express its full potentiality its expansion (enlargement) is assured by providing proper spiritual practice (Sadhana).


 Discipline- Discipline is the true foundation of education. It is the discipline that will help to concentrate our mind so that a student will be able to absorb the ideas contained in the subject properly.

 Etiquette (manners)- As a student it is very much important to be socially polite by inculcating the manner which will show his / her attitude towards society. A student stands out by having proper manners.

 Smartness- This one gives a student proper personality (physical and mental) that makes him/her a true person.

 Memory-It is an important tool which helps him/her to remember the subject properly and expresses it in a cogent manner which is very much necessary in our competitive world.

 English- It is a universal language as such it is very much needed to be taught early part of our education. English bridges the gap among the different sections people who inhabit our country. By bridging the gap, we shall be able to express our friendship, culture and refined values.

 Pronunciation is necessary to make the word understandable and gives it a proper meaning

Universal outlook - Without proper universal outlook the students will be restricted by narrow sentiments that affect the proper growth of students.

Character - This aspect is extremely important for a student who wants to become an ideal person.

Active habits - Definitely help students to be more dynamic and make him an ideal worker who could do something for the society.

Trust Worthiness- is an important factor which creates mutual understanding and kinship that fosters feeling for one another.

Ideation of the great - is a prerequisite to develop a true sense of spiritual enhancement that will broaden the feeling all human beings (that includes animal & plants) are his creation and will create a sense of human hood of all.

Omniscient's Grace - without this a student can never prosper and become truly loving. This is a most essential aspect without which true human nature will never blossom.

Nice temperament - pleases one and all and creates friendliness among fellow students. Their learning in practical life makes a person a true leader who will be able to guide the humanity in the true direction.

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