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ANANDA MARGA (RESIDENTIAL) COLLEGE is located in Ananda Nagar, P.O-Baglata, District-Purulia, West-Bengal. Ananda Nagar is situated in the north-eastern part of India, in the heart of Rarh. Rarh was the starting point of civilization and was once covered by dense forests. Its villages, named Baglata, Singhagra and Dimidiha bear testimony to that glorious past. Asthi Pahad (Fossil Hill), which contains ancient fossils, including those of dinosaurs. The great Maharshi Kapila was born in Pat Jhalda (23 kilometers southwest of Ananda Nagar) 3,500 years ago. Maharshi Kapila was not only the first philosopher of the world but also the inventor of algebra and geometry.

Ananda Nagar is a land without time, a place where it’s sweet and mystic beauty stands as a witness for the human drama of existence. With their roots deep in a remote past, the people of Ananda Nagar struggle to find their place in the present world.

Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar made Ananda nagar the headquarters of Ananda Marga Gurukula with a vision to establish a Gurukula University and Township. The Ananda Nagar project is in fact an attempt to build an oasis in the midst of this desert caused by human neglect and non-caring mentality and is meant to constitute a pioneering approach to tribal cultural renaissance and socio-economic development. However, even beyond that, Gurukula University is designed to be verily the site of holistic learning: of learning to gain knowledge in all spheres of human living, and of learning for enlightenment!