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The Ananda Marga College was founded by Shrii PRABHAT RANJAN SARKAR, lovingly called as Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji. The college has 33 acres of land and of this; 32,000 sq. feet is built-in area. The Ananda Marga College is part of the Ananda Marga Gurukula – a network of educational institutions across the world based on the - MOTTO – ‘Sá vidyá yá vimuktaye’ [That is knowledge which leads to complete liberation].

This is A RESIDENTIAL COLLEGE with Hostel facility for Boys having separate campuses for Boys and Girls. There are 2 boys hostels, each seating 20-40 students. In Purulia District most students drop out of high school due to economic hardship and the literacy rate is extremely low. Shrii Anandamurtiji, the founder of Ananda Marga, had a vision to elevate the educational status and improve the standard of living in the most backward areas of India through a comprehensive system of education. Initially, there was no higher educational institution in and around Ananda Nagar. He founded the Ánanda Márga Degree College at Ananda Nagar in the year 1966, providing higher education and a path out of extreme poverty to members of the poorest communities.

The college is the top level of the local educational system and has been an undeniable success, serving more than 60 villages around Ananda Nagar over the years—villages that had previously had little access to higher education. The college has produced thousands of graduates who otherwise would have had no higher educational opportunity. These graduates have pursued successful careers in diverse areas including industry, government and education. In turn, their achievements have facilitated the improvement of the economic and living standard of the people around Ananda Nagar.

The college, affiliated with Sidho Kanho Birsha University, currently offers Bachelor level degrees in the arts and science. The final two years of the high school curriculum (CLASS XI & XII) under WEST BENGAL COUNCIL OF HIGHER SECONDARY EDUCATION is also available to students who must complete these requirements before college education. In addition, the college promotes and imparts moral and spiritual values as the basis of a successful personal and social life.