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According to the Founder Shrii P. R. Sarkar – “the noblest form of social service is to educate the people and bring a sense of consciousness in them”. With this view in mind Education Relief and Welfare Section (ERAWS), since 1963 is dedicated for running various types of educational institutions all over the worldguided by the Principles and Philosophy of Neo-humanism. “Savidyayavimuktaye” – Education is for liberation in all aspects of life– is the guiding motto of our education philosophy. Stress is given on moral and spiritual values and Neo-humanistic practices in elementary education during the formative age of a child which is very crucial for giving better foundation for later life.

Homes for the destitute children – parentless, single parent or economically orphan- forms an important part of ERAWS permanent service programs guided by the spirit“Encourage everyone to build their lives in a nice way, let no one get the scope to think that their lives have become useless”. No one should feel helpless or deprived. With this ideal our homes are managed by dedicated monks and nuns in ashramic environment. These homes are supported by the generous contributions of sympathizers and well-wishers.

The schools and homes are part of our man-making initiative to groom future citizens with higher values for a kinder and better world.