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~Life Outline~

Janma karma ca me divyam evaḿ yo vetti tattvatah Tyaktvá dehaḿ punar janma naiti mám eti so’rjuna.(Giita IV.9) [The divine resplendence of My Birth, of My divine deeds and Mission - Verily the one who knows and has realised their inner reality, When leaving this body, never once again does such a one take birth He/she verily attains Me.] The story of Shrii Shrii Ánandamúrti is a mystery and will always remain a mystery. While a good number of books have been written in various languages, an authentic biography still remains to be written. To learn the basic outline of His Life kindly see the following file. **DOWNLOAD & READ MORE...

~Literary Treasures Outline~
Lord Shiva has stated that Mantramúlaḿ Gururvákyam - that is the rudimental faculty functioning behind each and every Mantra – it is the sayings of the Guru. The writings of Shrii Shrii Ánandamúrti include enlightening scriptures, profound philosophical treatises, history, economics, agriculture, songs, dramas, stories and more. All of them require deep spiritual insight, subtle intellect and a devotional heart to be truly begun to be understood. To read a brief summary of these treasures of human culture please see the attached file. **DOWNLOAD BENGALI & READ MORE... **DOWNLOAD ENG. & READ MORE...

~Dharma Guru~
All over the world, education is said to be the bringing of light unto the human mind. While teachers can spark knowledge in the mind and a life of service can lead to wisdom, to remove the inner darkness of the deeper layers of the human mind requires someone far beyond the realm of humanity – the Guru. The syllable “Gu” signifies “darkness” and the syllable “Ru” signifies “the dispeller”. That is, he who dispels darkness from the psychic and spiritual body is the Guru. A Dharma Guru is one who dispels Adharma in the society. Adharma is the exploitation and violence based on inequality, lack of freedom, lack of universal brotherhood and sisterhood and above a lack of spiritual leadership. To fight Adharma and establish genuine Dharma is an awesome task that an ordinary saint cannot do Such Gurus like Lord Shiva and Lord Krsna are rare in history. Shrii Shrii Ánandamúrti is the Dharma Guru of our era…. **DOWNLOAD & READ MORE...

~The Renaissance Man of the New World !~
The New World is in the throes of Spiritual Rebirth. Something, someone is shaking the human race from its timeless slumber. Everywhere, the icy surface of the old order of thinking, politics, economics is cracking and falling apart, announcing the Spring of Cosmic Humanity.

History shows that at the time of every crisis, of moral confusion, the eternal soul-current of the Cosmos expressed itself through universal man, who through the force of His personality and a new philosophy saved the world from the pillage of values with the passing of time and the plunder of primeval pristine spirituality by priests throughout history.

For example, Lord Buddha saved the world from blind ritualism based on himsa, casteist bigotry and arrested the decline of values with radiant morality. Caitanya Mahaprabhu saved the world from religious fanaticism, reactionary casteism and united people of all groups with the bliss of kiirtana. Guru Gobind Singh saved the world from the same malevolent forces by teaching the sparrows or humble devotees to become spiritual warriors to hunt the hawk of the Delhi Sarkar of the Mughals.

Saint Francis of Assisi taught the joy of voluntary poverty to serve others and the love of animals and the natural world in a time of great religious dogma and corruption. Sufi Sheikh Bedreddin not only rejected the persecution of other religions, desiring to go beyond all religions but he also led a people’s revolt against the economic exploitation of the Ottoman Empire. Lao Tse restored the Cinacara Tantra of Lord Shiva with the philosophy and spirituality of Taoism amidst a time of blind ritualism and a culture that repressed the human spirit in the name of reverence for tradition.

The events of history have proved that the world needs much more than a universal man – the Renaissance Man. Universal men have rescued people around the world from misery temporarily but have not brought eternal peace to the suffering humanity. They were light-lamps in the night, but they could not bring on the Dawn.

It is the Renaissance MAN like Lord Shiva who could lead primitive, prehistoric human beings unto the effulgence of Tantra Sadhana and teach them to resist racist imperialism and create a Cosmic City (Varanasi) based on social equality (sama-samaja) and the dawn of dance, music and all the essentials of human civilization based on spirituality.

It is the Renaissance MAN like Lord Krsna who could awaken social consciousness and unity in the common people at the mercy of warring, corrupt kings, who could awaken self-absorbed yogis to their social responsibility through Karma Yoga and who could unite the moralists into a war for Mahabharata as a Dharmarajya (rule of spiritual righteousness).

It is then no wonder, it was then inevitable that Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar has emerged as the Renaissance MAN of the world at the historical time, when the world has for a century being confronting a crisis of existence, wherein the very fate of humanity and of this planet is at stake. A born Sadguru of such intense divinity, He was named by disciples as Shrii Shrii Anandamurtijii.

He has offered unto humanity a cornucopia of endless wisdom, an Ideology that is a kamadhenu for suffering souls everywhere, a vast treasury of divine songs radiant with universalism, optimism as well as the intense tenderness of devotional love and a Sadhana that is a Philosopher’s Stone or Parasmani to transform materialistic people into Amrtasya Putra/Putrii (Children of Immortality).

Above all, for the first time in history, He has offered unto humanity a universal organisation, dedicated to sacrificing everything to serving all beings and to liberating one and all from all forms of exploitation, discrimination based on prejudice (bheda-bhava), destruction of other species of this planet – from Adharma. It is an organisation that is open to and that gives dignity to both men and women as it is committed to finally ending the reign (for too many millenniums) of exploitative patriarchy. This is His Ananda Marga.
The sole aim of Shrii Shrii Anandamurtijii is to bring about an all-round or universal renaissance in every culture/language of this world. According to Him, “Renaissance is belligerent in nature” in confronting all the crimes, narrow sentiments plaguing humanity. Without a nuclear or multi-dimensional revolution in every socio-cultural ecoregion (like Bundelkhand, Bhojpur-desh, MahaPunjab, Tamil Nadu, Bengalistan) based on local economic democracy or swaraj, there cannot be any genuine renaissance.

But we are bound to tell you, that He is infinitely greater than His Ideology, than His Mission. The more we know Him, the more we realize that He is the Ajana Pathik (Unknown Traveller). The more we begin to marvel at His resplendent divine attributes, the more we realise that He is beyond all attributes (Nirguna).

Verily, He is not a philosopher, He is Darshana itself. He is not a yogi/tantric, He is Yoga/Tantra itself. He is not an ideologist, He is Ideology itself. He is not a scientist, He is a Science itself. He is not a poet or singer, He is Poetry or Samgiita itself. He is not a man, He is Manhood itself. He is not a liberator or revolutionary (sadvipra), He is Revolution or Liberation itself.

He is not a saint or god, He is Sainthood, Godhead itself. He is not cosmic, He is the Cosmos/ Macrocosm itself – indeed, the Creator of the Macrocosm Itself. He is not a saviour, He is Salvation (moksa) itself. He is not a devotee/kiirtakara, His Name is Kiirtana itself. He is not just loving, He is Divine Love itself. He is not just the Supreme Being/Consciousness, He is our BABA.